Pousada do Sossego offers several nice trekkings, hikes, kayak tours and custom tours in the National Park of Lençois.

Feel free to contact Carlos by email to hear more about the wonderfull trekkings he offer.

Suggestion - A day as a diamant minor

Book a tour for one day which will learn you how the miners used to live in the National Park. You will search for diamonds in the river, Rio Ribeirão, and will have picknick at a nice spot in the Park.

Various trails:

Trilha do Vale do Paty – This trail is 4 or 8 days of hiking over mountains and in valleys, enjoying an incomparable beauty with the second highest waterfall in the park, known as Cachoeirão. There are several lookouts and natural pools. We can not forget the variety of flora and fauna typical of the region, and also not to mention the historical context that exists in the valley, such as: the residents who receive tourists in their homes that have several stories and experiences from the Paty Valley.

Trilha da Fumaça por baixo – This trail takes at most 3 or 4 days, it is a journey that requires a good physical condition because of its many ups and downs, riverbeds, towering canyons ranging from 400 to 600 meters in height. On site is also a great diversity of animals and plants found only in this place. During the route we also observe a large area that years ago served as living and working conditions for miners. In this place we also will see several waterfalls, such as: the Palmital Waterfall, the Cascade Palmital Waterfall, the Capybara Waterfall and Smokey Waterfalls which is the highest in Brazil.

Trilha da Cachoeira do 21 – This journey is very special due to the nature, on the way you will see a narrow valley that reminds us of the numbers 2 and 1, so the name of the Waterfall 21. During the walk we pass through forests, riverbeds and small waterfalls until you reach the main waterfall: Waterfall 21. In the place where we will camp our attention will be catched by the amount of waterfalls that there are, such as the Waterfall Bodão and the Landings. At the end of the trail evereyone will be surprised by a beautiful landscape, the Green River, which makes visitors get amazed by what they see.

Trilha da Cachoeira do Mixila – This trail is 3 days of walking with visits to three waterfalls, the Capivari, Potion and the Mixila, all with different beauties with the presence of canyons and natural swimming pools. This trail has the highest concentration of burrows of miners in the region.

Trilha da Cura – This trail is 4 or 5 days of walking with many ups and downs in riverbeds and mountains. This name was given because of a friend of mine who experienced a healing journey that was very magical for him. Along the way we will pass three waterfalls, two of them are: the Mosquito and the Raimundão. The Raimundão gives a beautiful view of the area of Morro do Camelo, Morro do Santo Antônio, and finaly a bath in the Green Well where the water is very transparent.

Trilha da Cachoeira do Samuel – This trail is 5 or 6 days of walking through canyons, riverbeds and several Cachoeirinhas until we reach the main waterfall, the Samuel Waterfall, with a drop of approximately 200 meters. At the top a beautiful view of the Pantanal region, the Mini and other valleys. Continuing walking across the top of the waterfall we will arrive in Fundão, where a waterfall is located burrowed beneath the Cauldron waterfall, both with a drop of over 100 meters.

Trilha da Cachoeira do Fumacinha – This is the most beautiful waterfall, like a cathedral, it is 200 feet freefall with a large canyon over 300 feet tall with a wonderful view. We will get to know them during a three days walk, through cracks, hikes and different places. Its just beautiful.

Trilha da Cachoeira do Buracão – By the name you can already get a sense of what a giant hole this is, carved out by the Rio Spread forming a drop of 80 meters, with a wonderful canyon where we can enjoy swimming. At the route there is another rare beauty, the Licuri waterfall with a drop of 100 meters tall, with a well called the Well of Origin, a fascinating place.

Trilha da Chapadinha – This walk is for 5 days past the the Cowboy, where we sleep and enjoy the natural pools. Continuing the walk, we will pass the waterfall Boulder, an unforgettable place with a drop of 150 meters. There we will have a beautiful view of Morro Hat, and then have a stop at the River Plate for a relaxing bath. Finally we go through the Rio Jiboia to finish the walk in Chapadinha.

Trilha da Cachoeira da Encantada por cima – This trail is three days of walking, up to Serra da Chapadinha, where we will arrive in Salina river and down the river bed until we reach the camp near the waterfall Toca. We will visit other natural and charming sites until the main view, which is at the top of Enchanted.

Trilha da Cachoeira da Encantada por baixo – The name speaks already for its self, it is a drop of over 3000 meters of pure charm. This trail is three days of walking through a wonderful place called Halls of Enchanted, and the riverbed of Encantada, where the rocks change their color all the time. It's a real charm.

Trilha do Herculano por cima – This trail is a 4 day hike, starting from Chapadinha and passing several rivers to reach the riverbed of Herculaneum, where we will find its unique beauty with lots of vegetation that provides differentiated the abode of rare Eagles and Vultures Kings. Alongside this place we will find a waterfall called Fundão, and sequence the most beautiful views in the Waterfall Herculaneum, top view.

Trilha do Herculano por baixo – This is a 3 day walk along a quite riverbed, with several places to bath around a pink wall. Upon reaching the waterfall we will come across a giant pool, a waterfall of 250 meters with various viewpoints.

Trilha da Cachoeira do Bom Jardim e da Roncadeira – These are two beautiful waterfalls, the path formed by riverbeds until you reach the waterfall, and another traveled a path in the jungle until arriving in Cachoeira do Bom Jardim, and the sequence , next to the waterfall a trail of two days until the Winter Waterfall, where the journey ends.

Toca do Vaqueiro

Rio da Prata

Rio da Jiboia

Rio Herculano por cima

Rio Herculano por cima

Herculano por cima

Encantada por cima

Topo da Encantada

Cachoeira da Encantada por cima

Herculano por baixo

Piscina natural da Cachoeira do Herculano

Cachoeira do Buracão

Cachoeira da Fumacinha

Cachoeira do Mixila

Cachoeira do Poção

Vale do Paty

Leito do Rio do Samuel

Cachoeira do Samuel

Cachoeirão no Vale do Paty

Vale do Cachoeirão

Cachoeira da Encantada

Cachoeira do Mosquito

Leito do Rio da Encantada

Cachoeira da Roncadeira

Cachoeira do 21

Cachoeira do Bodão

Cachoeira do Penedo

Cachoeira das Cravadas


Poção da Invernada