Lençois is situated in the Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina, about 370km west of Salvador.

Busses (Expressed Real) from Salvador leave from the busstation every day at 7.00 AM, 4:30 PM and 11:00 PM.
Busses to Salvador leave from the busstation every day at 7.30 AM, 1:15 PM and 11:30 PM. It takes about 6-7 hours. The tickets cost about 60 R$.
If you arrive in Lençois, ask for a pick-up from the busstation to get you to the pousada.

Flights connect Salvador's airport (SSA) to Horacio de Mattos Airport (LEC) (Phone: (75) 3625-8100/3625-8825) in the town of Tanquinho, 16 miles northeast of Lencois and the national park. Flight times average 50 minutes, and they are usually scheduled for Saturdey.

Lençois is 13 km off Hwy BR-242, the main Salvador-Brasilia route. The drive from Lencois to Salvador takes about six hours. There is a gasstation 22km east of Lençois on Hwy BR-242, in Tanquinho.
Coming from Salvador, take the BR-324 until Feira de Santana, then take the BR-116 until it meets with the BR-242 highway (Bahia-Brasília), or take the BA-052 from Feira de Santana to Ipirá, and then the BA-488 to Itaberaba. Once in Itaberaba, continue along the BR-242 heading west. Lençóis lies just 12 km off the BR-242 Bahia-Brasília highway.

Principal distances:
Lençóis / Salvador - 412 km
Lençóis / Brasília - 1100 km
Lençóis / São Paulo - 1982 km